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Golf Digest – iPad app: ‘Golf History with Peter Alliss’

Thursday, May 30, 2013
By John Strege

More history no doubt will have been written by the time one consumes all the information in a new iPad app, “Golf History with Peter Alliss.” This app spans the game from Mary Queen of Scots and her passion for golf in the 1500s to Bobby Jones’ grand slam in 1930. The basic app is free, though to realize its full potential, in-app purchases are available, including those detailing the U.S. Open. the Open Championship and the Roots of American Golf. A value pack unlocking all content is available for $9.99, a modest price to pay, it seems, for so much history. Read More

Links Magazine – The Best of Golf

June 1, 2013

“Golf History with Peter Alliss,” a new iPad app celebrating 700 years of golf, is a comprehensive guide for avid golfers, historians, and armchair aficionados. Featuring over 400 interactive stories on golf’s legends, lifestyle, and champions from early to modern eras, the app’s content includes more than 500 historical photographs and 100 exclusive videos. Read More

Mac Megasite: Celebrating Golf History and the U.S. Open Revisiting the Game’s Greats

May 30, 2013

Sarasota, Florida – “Golf History with Peter Alliss” is a first in its exploration of the personalities and pivotal moments in the history of the game. Designed as an interactive timeline, this remarkable new iPad spans the development of golf from Mary Queen of Scots and Old Tom Morris to the golden years of Bobby Jones. The app is both informative and entertaining. Read More

iTunes Preview

“Golf History with Peter Alliss” celebrates every major golf champion from 1860 through the era of Bobby Jones. Over 400 stories, 500 historic photographs and 100 exclusive videos are narrated by British television’s “Voice of Golf” Peter Alliss alongside pithy interviews with Scottish golf historians. Read More

LexJet Blog – Printing the History of Golf from Scotland to the U.S.

April 9th, 2012

Photography and the modern game of golf developed around the same time. Coincidence? Probably, but it was a fortuitous coincidence since we’ve been left with at least some photographic history of those early years. It’s likely that the largest and highest-quality collection of early golf photography is in the hands of Howard Schickler of Sarasota. Read More

BackSpin Golf – Radio Interview with Exulto Media Founder Howard Schickler

June 1, 2013

Golf History with Peter Alliss iPad App

Thursday, June 20, 2013
By Andrew Gehman

If you have an interest in the early history of the game Golf, you may want to check out the new Golf History with Peter Alliss iPad app. The app (which is exclusively available for the iPad) features over 400 stories, 500 historic photographs and 100 exclusive videos which are narrated by renowned golf commentator Peter Alliss along with other golf historians. Read More

Really Cool – 5 stars

by Jack. J

Been playing this game since I was 4. Now I’m a golf coach and I absolutely love the game and this app. Shows really interesting facts about the game for a lifetime and goes in depth into the origins all the way up to now. A must have for golf fans. The only issue with it is at some points you have to pay for the content but other than that it’s awesome!

Impressive and informative – 5 stars

by watcha33

This is a beautiful app – top quality. Amazing content. It’s easy and simple to scroll through, and at the same time I can dig a little deeper. I just like the “feel” of it all. The cover flow of all the images is just terrific. I’ll come many times when I want to read a new story about some golfer or place I’d never heard of. I’m not a golfer, but I love history, old photographs and learning about people and their passions. The story of women is really interesting.

Great Fun – 5 stars

by GolfgirlSW

I really didn’t know what to expect when I downloaded this app, but was pleasantly surprised by the amazing number of stories and photographs of early golfers and the types of balls and clubs they used back then. I particularly love the slide shows on golf fashion and the section on women’s golf. Great way to impress your friends at the clubhouse…

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